Police Department | Impound Lot

Where can I get my vehicle?

  1. To retrieve your vehicle, the registered owner will need to come to the Elmwood Place Police Department to pay impoundment costs and fees.
  2. Once all costs and fees have been paid in full the vehicle may be retrieved at:
    407 Blade Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45216

How much do I owe for my vehicle?

  • Impoundment fees are calculated as follows:
    Tow fee = $150.00
    1st day of storage = $25.00 + tax
    Total = $187.25

  • After 1st 12 hours, the storage fee is assessed at a rate of $25.00 + tax / per day (applied at midnight)
  • If the vehicle has been in storage for 3 or more days there may be additional fees assessed. Call ahead to verify your current balance.
  • An additional $25.00 fee will be assessed for any search/notice required to be given pursuant to O.R.C ยง 4513.01
  • Tow fees for heavy duty vehicles are $250.00/hr with an impoundment fee of $100.00 + all other applicable charges set forth above
  • A 3% processing fee will be added to total owed if payment is made with a debit/credit card